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The ‘Stolen Generations’ Testimonies’ project is an initiative to record on film the personal testimonies of Australia’s Stolen Generations Survivors and share them online. The Stolen Generations' Testimonies Foundation hopes the online museum will become a national treasure and a unique and sacred keeping place for Stolen Generations’ Survivors’ Testimonies. Thank you to those Survivors for their generosity of spirit in sharing their testimonies with us in our first round of interviews.

The History of the Project

The Stolen Generations' Testimonies foundation was established in 2007. Rio Tinto Aboriginal Fund financed a feasibility study which confirmed the viability of capturing the stories of Stolen Generations' Survivors on film for an online audience. With the benefit of the study the foundation was successful in gaining financial support from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and the Hunt Foundation. This funding allowed the development of the online museum and the first round of interviews displayed here.

Thank You to our Supporters

The Stolen Generations’ Testimonies Foundation would like to thank the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, the Hunt Foundation and the Rio Tinto Aboriginal Foundation who all gave generously to the pilot program to make it possible. We would also like to thank the Accor hotel chain for their assistance.

Proudly supported by the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.


We'd also like to acknowledge the wonderful work of Allens Arthur Robinson who assist the foundation with pro bono legal advice. We are truly grateful for their outstanding expertise and generous support.

Thank you also to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu for the provision of pro bono audit services



About the Board of the Stolen Generations’ Testimonies Foundation

A big thank you also goes out to our non-executive board members who give generously of their time and their expertise on a volunteer basis.

Executive Board Members

Melanie Hogan                              Documentary Filmmaker

Non Executive Board Members

Professor Michael Fraser, AM        Professor of Law, Director of the Communications Law Centre, University 
(Chairman)                                      of Technology Sydney

Debra Hocking                               A survivor of the Stolen Generations and Deputy Chair of the Aboriginal 
                                                       and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation

Bruce Hogan, AM                           Director of NSW Treasury Corporation, Snowy Hydro Ltd; Chairman of 
                                                      Primary Ethics Ltd, Rita Hogan Foundation 

George Newhouse                         Human Rights Lawyer and board member of the Australian Indigenous
                                                      Chamber of Commerce.

Paul Smith                                     Chartered Accountant, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer for 
(Company Secretary)                       NSW Treasury Corporation 

Nigel Stokes                                  Retired. Worked in Public Finance for various NSW Government agencies
                                                       and in corporate finance for Bankers Trust Australia. 


The Production - Thank You

Another big thank you goes out to Carolyn Constantine (cinematographer), Anneli Knight, Jim Morrison, Alister McKeich, Mark and Tania Bin Bakar, Vanessa Sheedy, Julie-Anne De Ruvo, Zino Zaidecki, Doreen Mellor, Chris Boys, Mark Gowing and Robyn Wunder.




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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers should exercise caution when viewing this website as it contains images of deceased persons.The people speaking in this website describe being removed from family and community. They regard themselves as belonging to the Stolen Generations.